Face Structure Kitchener


Which face shape do you have ?

(These are just some of the shapes but not limited to đŸ˜‰ )

face structure Kitchener

Understanding makeup application is one thing, but knowing how to work with the face structure will take you beyond the limits.
To be able to enhance a person’s features it is best to understand the facial anatomy and proportions in order to create a certain look.
The structure of your face is created by the underlying bone and muscles, there is a whole science behind it – for more information regarding this very interesting topic there are tons of books and material on the web.

face structure kitchener

How about them brows ?

face structure

It’s not about getting the perfect brow – but it is about the perfect brow that can emphasize your natural beauty – which starts at the face structure. Keeping this in mind will not only help you look younger but can help you get away with wearing less makeup!

Face StructureArched, straight, tapered, short and thick, S-shaped, rounded  — From the shape of the eyebrow to the product to use there is much to consider. At all costs never deviate from your eyebrow type if you want to keep your look natural.

face structure

Last & definitely Lusty – Lips

face structure

Though the eyes may be what captures someones initial attention they definitely will be focusing their gaze to your gorgeous lips – what are they saying about you ?
We kiss, talk, eat and breath through this important facial feature, but rarely think about them. Our lip print is as unique as our finger prints.


Fine, full, round, wide, heart shaped, bowed – the varieties of products that help us emphasize our lips is undeniably overwhelming.
From lipsticks to gloss and stains – ones that roll on or brush on and ones that have a funky taste. What about feathering and bleeding – now add lip primer into the mix.
Well there’s no need to over complicate it – experiment or trust my experience !